Five Dynasties and Ten States. A.d. 907-960. Info

907-960                              Five dynasties
        907-923                                        Later Liang 
(Issued very few coins)
        923-936                                        Later Tang 
(Issued very few coins)
        936-946                                        Later Jin 
(Issued very few coins)
        947-950                                        Later Han 
        951-960                                        Later Zhou
907-979                              Ten States
        902-937                                        Wu 
(Did not issue coins)
        903-925                                        Earlier Shu
        907-978                                        Wu Yue 
(Did not issue coins)
        907-951                                        Chu 
        907-945                                        Min
        917-971                                        Southern Han
        924-963                                        Jing Nan 
(Did not issue coins)
        933-965                                        Later Shu 
(Issued very few coins)
        937-975                                        Southern Tang
        951-979                                        Northern Han 
(Did not issue coins)

947-950  Later Han 

Schjöth 412 Ding 763. Han Yuan Tong Bao. Made with Kai Yuan Tong Bao moulds from the Tang dynasty.
Only the top character was changed. (David Jen page 43).

951-960  Later Zhou

Schjöth 414. Zhou Yuan Tong Bao.

Schjöth 415v Ding 764v. Zhou Yuan Tong Bao.

903-925  Earlier Shu

Ding 774. Guang Tian Yuan Bao.

Schjöth 430. Ding 773. Tian Han Yuan Bao. 
Issued by Wang Jian. No rim on reverse. 

Schjöth 433 Ding 775. Qian De Yuan Bao.

Schjöth 434. Ding 776. Xian Kang Yuan Bao. Issued by Wang Yan.

907-951  Chu

Ding 793v. Qian Feng Quan Bao. 4,7 gr.

Schjöth 448v. Ding 796. Qian Feng Quan Bao. Reverse Tian . Iron. 18,02 gr.

907-945  Min

Ding 777. Lead. Kai Yuan Tong Bao. Reverse Min and a dot.
According to David Ren, both Min and Fu refers to Fujian.

Ding 777. Lead. Kai Yuan Tong Bao. Dot under Tong. Reverse Fu .

Ding 777. Lead. Kai Yuan Tong Bao. Reverse Fu .

917-971  Southern Han

No references. Kai Yuan Zhong Bao. Silver! A very rare coin. 2,1 gr.
Excavated  in 1984 from the tomb of the King of Southern Han in Guangzhou.

Schjöth 436v. Ding 826. Qian Heng Zhong Bao. Lead. Mould has been dislocated during casting.

Ding 827. Qian Heng Zhong Bao. Lead.  From Guangdong. 
Worth 1/10 bronze coin (Peng p. 264).Note that Zhong and Bao is read left-right.

Schjöth 436v/Ding 828. Qian Heng Zhong Bao. Reverse Yong .
Lead, cast in Guangdong province. Worth 1/10 bronze coin.

937-975  Southern Tang

Schjöth 441. Tang Guo Tong Bao.

Schjöth 442. Tang Guo Tong Bao.

Schjöth 445. Tang Guo Tong Bao.

Schjöth 446. Kai Yuan Tong Bao.

Yong An Yi Bai. Iron. 12,3 gr. Issued by Liu Rengong in the end of the Southern Tang
when he occupied Youzhou .

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