Spring-Autumn and Warring States B.C. 770-221 Info

hulspadeforny.jpg (16523 bytes) hulspadebagny.jpg (17809 bytes)  hulspadesideny.jpg (16041 bytes)
Hollow-shaft spade coin. Ding 63. Ji Fu Xiao Hua. 

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spidskniv s62v_d336v_forside.jpg (13062 bytes)
Pointed Knife without characters. Schjöth 62-64v or Ding 336-338v. 13,32 gr.

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ligekniv_d346v_forside.jpg (14098 bytes)
Straight back knife with one character (Which?) Ding 346v. 8,64 gr.

Schjöth 57. Character probably Ming . 15,31 gr.

Ding 158. "Bu" spade from Pingyang, Shanxi. 5,53 gr.

s70zhouforside.jpg (13369 bytes)  s70zhoubagside.jpg (14884 bytes)
Schjöth 70/Ding 440. Yi Liu Hua. 9,70 gr. 
See note * 

s76forside.jpg (7258 bytes)      s76bagside.jpg (7052 bytes) 
Schjöth 76. Ming Hua. 2,54 gr. 
See note **

s77yidao.jpg (4630 bytes)                 lilleyidao.jpg (6335 bytes)
Schjöth 77. Yi Hua. 1,77 gr.  Schjöth 78. Yi Hua. 1,32 gr. 
See note ***

roundhole.jpg (25398 bytes)
Schjöth 73 Round hole coin. 8,92 gr.
Character is Yuan
, which means wall and was a city in the state of Wei.

chu_guilian_fra_llc.jpg (3105 bytes)
"Ant nose" bronze money of the Chu state. An imitation of cowry shells.

Ban Liang from Qin kingdom of Warring States. 5,15 gr. 31 m.m. 
Note the rounded "fork" in Ban. According to the catalog Monnaies Chinoises 
by F. Thierry p. 256 nr. 486-487 it seems to be from a local mint from the last 
half of The Warring States period (336-221 b.c.).

Ban Liang with long script from Qin kingdom of Warring States. 6,2 gr. 32 m.m.

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