Southern Ming and rebel coins Info

Four princes of Southern Ming 1644-1662:

Prince Lu of Southern Ming ruled in Zhejiang 1644-1652.
No coin.

Prince Fu of Southern Ming ruled in Nanjing 1644.

Schjöth 1288. Hong Guang Tong Bao.

Prince Tang of Southern Ming ruled in Fujian 1645-1646.
No coin.

Prince Gui of Southern Ming ruled in Guangdon and Guangxi 1646-1662.

Schjöth 1316. Yong Li Tong Bao.

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Schjöth 1321v. Yong Li Tong Bao.

Zheng Chenggong (ruled in Taiwan 1661-1683).

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Schjöth 1315. Ding 2129. 
Yong Li Tong Bao. Two Qian.
Cast in Japan.

Prince Gui (or Yong Li as were his reign title) issued two types of Yong Li coins, but this coin was not issued by Prince Gui. It was issued by a vassal of the Ming called Zheng Chenggong. The coins were minted in Nagasaki, and circulated in Taiwan between 1661-1683. The reason that he used Yong Li's reign title was that he shared the Southern Ming regime's resistance against foreign aggression. 


Li Zizheng. Seat of government in Shaanxi 1644-1645.

Schjöth 1325. Yong Chang  Tong Bao.

Zhang Xianzhong. Seat of government in Chengdu in Sichuan province 1623-1646.

Schjöth 1328 Ding 2138. Reverse gong.

Sun Ke Wang Seat of government in Guiyang in Yunnan province 1649-1655. 
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Schjöth 1330. Xing Chao Tong Bao. Reverse "Gong".

Schjöth 1334. Xing Chao Tong Bao. One fen (ten cash).

Wu San Gui. Seat of government in Yunnan 1674- 1678.

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Schjöth 1335. Li Yong Tong Bao. Schjöth 1344. Zhao Wu Tong Bao.

Schjöth 1345. Zhao Wu Tong bao.

Wu Shi Fan (Grandson of Wu San Gui). 
Seat of government in Yunnan 1678-1681.

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Schjöth 1348. Hong Hua Tong Bao.

Geng Jing Zhong. Seat of government in Fujian 1674-1676.

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Schjöth 1353v. Yu Min Tong Bao. Reverse one fen.
Geng Jing Zhong joined Wu San Gui, and he took Fujian in 1674 
where his coins were cast. He was executed in 1677 in Beijing.

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