Southern and Northern Dynasties A.D. 386-589 Info

        420-589                               Southern Dynasties
                420-478                                Song
                479-501                                Qi (Used coins of Song. Wu Zhus cast in Qi are indistinguishable)
                502-556                                Liang
                557-588                                Chen
         386-588                              Northern Dynasties
                386-534                                Northern Wei
                534-549                                Eastern Wei 
                535-557                                Western Wei
                550-577                                Northern Qi
                557-588                                Northern Zhou

420-478  Song

Schjöth 215 Ding 562. Si Zhu.

Schjöth 218 Ding 567. Xiao Jian Si Zhu .
Very light light and thin, 1,4 gr. 
Xiao Jian was the first reign title (A.D. 454-457) of emperor Xiao Wu  who reigned A.D. 454-465.

502-556  Liang

Ding 666.
Tai Qing Feng Le . 3,2 gr. 23 m.m. It was cast between 547 and 549 A.D. during the 
T'ai Qing reign-title period. Ding refer to it as Tian Qing Feng Le, but if 
one takes a look at Tai Huo Liu Zhu from this period, one will see that it 
has tai written exactly this way. But of course the character on both coins could be tai. I never saw any documentation that could prove either way.

Schjöth 232. Wu Zhu. Iron with rays on the reverse. Issued by Wu Di in 523.

s233d588_nanbei_liang_wuzhumedtoprikker_bagside.jpg (6336 bytes)  s233d588_nanbei_liang_wuzhumedtoprikker_forside.jpg (6126 bytes)
Schjöth 233 Ding 588. Wu Zhu with two dots.

557-588  Chen

Ding 587. Wu Zhu. Issued by Emperor Wen in 562. 

Schjöth 243 Ding 599. Tai Huo Liu Zhu (Six Zhu) . Minted in A.D. 579 in the period of Emperor Xuan (A.D. 569-583). It circulated alongside the Wu Zhu, and in the beginning it had the same value as 10 Wu Zhu.

386-534  Northern Wei

Schjöth 237. Ding 600. Tai He Wu Zhu . 2,6 gr.

Schjöth 239. Yong An Wu Zhu. 

550-577  Northern Qi

Schjöth 242. Chang Ping Wu Zhu.  
Peng p. 229: Northern Qi minted the Chang Ping Five grainer in Tian Piaos 4. year (A.D.553). This coin was finely made, its size up to the standard, and so its value was relatively high. But official gifts were not kept within limits, taxes must have had to be increased, and so the histories say that even before the Chang Ping five grainer had been issued, private coining of it was flourishing, and within a year or two excesses were being committed.

557-588  Northern Zhou

s245d639_nanbei_nordligzhou_buquan_forside.jpg (8558 bytes)  s245d639_nanbei_nordligzhou_buquan_bagside.jpg (8507 bytes)
Schjöth 245 Ding 639. Bu Quan. 

s246d640_nanbei_nordligchen_wuxingtabu_forside.jpg (8105 bytes)  s246d640_nanbei_nordligchen_wuxingtabu_bagside.jpg (7571 bytes)
Schjöth 246 Ding 640. Wu Xing Da Bu. 

Schjöth 246 Ding 644. Yong Tong Wan Guo.

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