Three Kingdoms
A.D. 220-280 Info

Kingdom of Wei (220-265). Wei uses Wu Zhu of Han dynasty.

Peng Xinwei Page 124:
Wei coins include only Wu Zhus. After Cao Cao restored the Wu Zhu, 
we do not know if new coins were minted or if they merely continued to 
use old ones. One would guess that not many of the old Wu Zhus remained 
in the capital region then. Nor was it impossible that renewed minting was 
undertaken. Wu Zhus minted then would have resembled Eastern Han 
Wu Zhus. Those which began to be minted in the first year of  the Tai He period (227 A.D.) of Emperor Ming 
could have differed in size and weight, but there is now no way to distinguish such Wu Zhus.

Kingdom of Shu Han(221-263).

s206d556_sanguo_which_dingpingyibai_forside.jpg (3834 bytes) s206d556_sanguo_which_dingpingyibai_bagside.jpg (3829 bytes)
Schjöth 206 Ding 556. Ding Ping Yi Bai.* (Value 100 zhu).

Ding 558. Zhi Bai. (Value 100 zhu).

Kingdom of Wu(229-280).

Ding 535. Da Quan Dang Qian. (Value 1000 zhu). 11,7 gr.

s204d546_sanguo_which_forside.jpg (5002 bytes) s204d546_sanguo_which_bagside.jpg (4941 bytes)
Schjöth 204 Ding 546. Tai Ping Bai Zhu. (Value 100 zhu).
I don't know the reason, but  most catalogues name this coin Tai Ping Bai Qian. It would seem logical that this coin was Tai Ping Bai Zhu since all coins of this time were zhu coins. As you see below Peng Xinwei calls it Tai Ping Bai Zhu* and this the name I use.

* Peng Xinwei Page 131:
The Ding Ping Yi Bai is the most difficult to explain of Chinese coins. Only small ones exist.
The heaviest of them is only a little over l gram. Hence they would have been minted later
than the Tai Ping Yi Bai Zhu and the Value-hundred. Probably they were minted in the first year of
Shu-Han ruler Hou Zhu's Yan Xi period (238 A.D.) ...........................
In fact there is no plausible explanation for the two characters Ding Ping. All we can affirm
is that these coins are contemporaneous with and from the same place as the small Tai Ping
Yi Bai Zhu
, because they have been found together. They are somewhat scarcer than the
Value-hundred and Tai Ping Yi Bai Zhu. If they were minted by the Shu-Han authorities,
they could only have been some sort of a commemorative coin or some sort of special issue.


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