Yuan Rebel Coins Info

(Peng p. 490-491)

As can be expected in an occupied country, there were several rebellions by 
the occupied Chinese. Some of the larger ones minted coins. Of course these 
coins were cast over a short period and in a small area, and are quite rare today.

Zhang Shicheng.  Capital in Yangzhou (Died 1367).
Minted the Tian You in 1353.  
No coin.

Han Liner.  Capital in Bozhou Anhui (Died 1367).
Minted the Long Feng coin in 1355.
No coin.

Xu Shouhui. 
Minted the Tian Qi and the Tian Ding coins in 1358.

Chen You-Liang.  Capital in Wuchang and Nanjing (Died 1363).
Minted the Da Yi coin in 1360.
No coin

Zhu Yuanzhang (Later called Ming Tai Zu or Hong Wu) 1368-1398.
Minted the Da Zhong coins in 1361 and 1364.
He became the 1. emperor of the Ming Dynasty, but the Da Zhong coins 
were issued while he was a rebel against the Yuan dynasty.

s1127.jpg (9460 bytes)  
Schjöth 1127. Da Zhong Tong Bao.

Schjöth 1134. Da Zhong Tong Bao.

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