Coin history - The Jin dynasty (A.D. 265-420)

There is no written documentation of coins minted during the Jin, it is only mentioned in the History of Jin, that was made at the beginning of the Tang, that Wu Zhus from the Wei were still used during the Western Jin (Peng p. 313).

However, Peng argues that minting could not entirely have been halted, and lists several possible types of coins (p. 187-189):

1. A very small and light Wu Zhu. 
2. The Han Xing. A very small and thin coin. One type has the characters read from top to bottom and another from left to right.
3. The Feng Huo, which was minted by independent authorities in the North.
Coins from the Three Kingdoms were also in use during the Jin, and they may have been imitated by private mints in the Jin.