Chinese dynasties

B.C. 2000-1500 ca.         Xia

B.C. 1700-1045               Shang

B.C. 1045-771                 Western Zhou

B.C. 770-221                   Eastern Zhou
        770-476                              Spring and Autumn
        475-221                              Warring States

B.C. 221-207                   Qin

B.C. 206-A.D. 9                Western  Han

A.D. 9-23                         Xin (Wang Mang interregnum)

A.D. 25-220                     Eastern Han

A.D. 220-280                   Three Kingdoms
        220-265                                Wei
(used Wu Zhu of Han)
        221-263                                Shu Han
        222-280                                Wu

A.D. 265-316                   Western Jin (There is some dispute if Jin issued coins)

A.D. 317-420                   Eastern Jin 

A.D. 420-589                   South and North Dynasties
        420-588                               Southern Dynasties
                420-479                                Song
                479-502                                Qi
(Used coins of Song. Wu Zhus cast in Qi are indistinguishable)
                502-557                                Liang
                557-589                                Chen
         386-581                              Northern Dynasties
                386-534                                Northern Wei
                534-550                                Eastern Wei
(Same coins as Northern Wei?)
                535-556                                Western Wei
(Same coins as Northern Wei?)
                550-577                                Northern Qi
                557-581                                Northern Zhou
A.D. 581-618                   Sui

A.D. 618-907                   Tang

A.D. 907-960                   Five Dynasties and Ten States.
        907-960                              Five dynasties
        907-923                                        Later Liang
(Issued very few coins)
        923-936                                        Later Tang
(Issued very few coins)
        936-946                                        Later Jin
(Issued very few coins)
        947-950                                        Later Han 
        951-960                                        Later Zhou 
A.D. 907-979                                Ten States
        902-937                                        Wu
(Did not issue coins)
        903-925                                        Earlier Shu
        907-978                                        Wu Yue
(Did not issue coins)
        907-951                                        Chu
        907-945                                        Min
        917-971                                        Southern Han
        924-963                                        Jing Nan
(Did not issue coins)
        933-965                                        Later Shu
(Issued very few coins)
        937-975                                        Southern Tang
        951-979                                        Northern Han
(Did not issue coins)

A.D. 960-1229                 Song
        960-1127                           Northern Song
        1127-1229                         Southern Song

A.D. 916-1125                 Liao (The Qidan people controlled the north of China, Manchuria and Mongolia).

A.D. 1038-1227               Western Xia (The Tanguts controlled the northwest of China).

A.D. 1115-1234               Jin (The Ruzhen people controlled the north of China).

A.D. 1271-1368               Yuan (Foreign rule by the Mongols who ruled all of China).

A.D. 1368-1644               Ming

A.D. 1644-1911               Qing

A.D. 1911-1949               Peoples Republic