eBay dealers and more...

A large number of dealers and collectors offers coins for sale on eBay internet auction.
This is a convenient and often cheap place to buy Chinese cash coins.
However, many of the coins offered are fakes. Most are poorly made  replica, but some fakes are very well made,
even experienced collectors can have a hard time discerning the best fakes.
This page is created on the basis of contributions from many experienced collectors.
It is intended to be a shortcut to some of the better dealers on eBay, but remember that you must make your own judgment.
You can learn by comparing the pictures of coins from the good and the bad dealers.

This page was last updated February 2019

Reliable eBay dealers:





VietnumisVienamese coins

Reliable non-eBay dealers:

Ancient Coins Canada

Diye's coin shop

Bob Reis

Frank Robinson

Samson Li has some coins for sale on his blog

Denis Rakov - Lithuania



www.zeno.ru lots of pictures of Chinese coins.

David Hartill: "Cast Chinese Coins"

Norman F. Gorny: "Northern Song variety Guide