Tai Zong  976-997

The calligraphy of the Chun Hua coins came in three styles: li shu, xing shu and caoshu see calligraphy pages, and were written by the emperor himself (Peng p. 333). 

Schjöth 463.Chun Hua Yuan Bao. Lishu script.

Schjöth 463v.Chun Hua Yuan Bao. Lead. 4,68 gr.

Ding 868. Chun Hua Yuan Bao. Xingshu script.

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Ding 869. Chun Hua Yuan Bao. Caoshu script.

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 Schjöth 465. Zhi Dao Yuan Bao.

 Schjöth 465v. Zhi Dao Yuan Bao. Lead. 4,69 gr.

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Schjöth 467. Zhi Dao Yuan Bao.

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 Schjöth 468. Zhi Dao Yuan Bao. Grass script.

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